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Salman Khan advised Kashmira Shah and Krushna Abhishek to opt for surrogacy

Popular Telly couple Krushna Abhishek and Kashmira Shah who welcomed their twin boys in June last year and the couple is planning to adopt a baby girl now. In a recent interview to Kashmira made some revelations about her pregnancy and marriage in the interview and her statements have gone viral. About the pregnancy, the actress said that she tried to conceive 14 times in 3 years but all her attempts failed.

Talking about her secret marriage to Krushna Abhishek, Kashmira said, see this website “I was not married in 2013 but in 2012. It was just that Krushna had told his Dad once hadbadahat mein 2013 and it spread like wildfire. We married in Las Vegas with just a few friends in attendance. My close friend Pooja Batra was also there. But we kept very quietly about it. People warmed up to me rather late; else we wouldn’t have hidden it.”

Talking about her difficult pregnancy and problems at embracing motherhood Kashmira made some big revelations. “I wasn’t conceiving naturally and we decided to adopt the IVF technique. I failed 14 times with IVF. It beat me because Krushna has always had a healthy lifestyle, I don’t smoke/drink. My doctor said that I was getting older, plus alongside I had issues like erratic schedules. Anyway, the tough journey began and I broke down for the first 6-7 times. Finally, I decided that I will continue with IVF relentlessly until I have a baby of my own in my arms. I went on different types of medication too, which in turn made me gain a lot of weight,” she said.

Kashmira further added that click for source “One day, my doctor told me to consider surrogacy, but at the same time, he informed me that I need to decide quickly as surrogacy might get banned in India. Krushna was quite confused if we should adopt or go for surrogacy.A few days later, Salman Khan too suggested surrogacy.”

On her sons, Kashmira said, buy strattera “One is Ryan, the other Krishank. Ryan is demanding like me, Krishank is the quiet one like Krushna.Ryan means Sultan. We call him Sultan at home. Krishank is called Chiku. So, Chiku Sultan it is.” The couple wishes to adopt a baby girl now and going by reports they might do so soon.

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