It is a sad news for all the fans of Actress Reena Aggarwal who has been an integral part of Star Bharat’s rating topper, ‘Kya Haal Mr Paanchaal’

For those who are not aware, Reena recently faced an uncalled instance, where the dog with whom they were shooting for on the sets went on to bite Reena on her face. This led her to go out of action for a while, and even today she continues to recuperate.

But, unfortunately, the makers are now left with no option, but to replace the actress and have to move on. They have been shooting without Reena for the past 15 odd days, however, with Reena being one of the leading women on the show, they cannot wait anymore and hence have brought in a replacement.

Actress Patrali Chattopadhyay, who is best known for her role in And TV’s Queens Hai Hum will be replacing Reena on the show as per a IndiaForums report.

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