click Popular TV hottie Priyank Sharma have once again entered the Bigg Boss 11 house and his re-entry in the show have made the show more interesting. It also looks like that Priyank has a special task of breaking Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra’s ongoing romance.


kleinanzeigen partnersuche leipzig According to reports, Bandagi’s ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, assigned a duty to Priyank to make sure that she stays away from Puneesh. There were reports that Dennis wanted to marry Bandagi, but the latter betrayed her for Puneesh after getting into the show. Puneesh also reportedly happened to be Dennis’ good friend.

see options brokers According to Asia TV, before Priyank’s re-entry into the house, Dennis told him to ‘warn’ Bandagi about Puneesh. Dennis reportedly told Priyank to convince her to cut off ties with Puneesh or else face his wrath. The report even said that if she continues her love story with Puneesh, Dennish would get Bandagi evicted from Bigg Boss 11, using his contacts in the TV industry.

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go to site Le obbligazioni finanziarie che derivano dalla parola inglese bond , sono dei titoli di debito, che vengono emessi direttamente da una società oppure da enti pubblici e che [ ] Tipologie trader Forex Nel mercato finanziario del forex, un trader può avere diversi approcci, in base al tipo di ordine che sceglie di eseguire. “In fact, we heard that Nagpal went to the extent of saying that he would use his contacts in the TV industry to get Bandagi evicted from the Bigg Boss house, if she did not stop her natak with Puneesh Sharma,” the report quoted a source as saying.

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how to do trading Just a few days back, a picture had come up on social media in which Priyank was seen partying with Dennis and some other friends in Delhi.