Renowned actress Meghna Malik who reached new heights of popularity after her iconic portrayal of Ammaji in Colors’ Na Ana Is Desh Laado, went on to make a comeback to small screen with another season of show, titled Laado 2 – Veerpur Ki Mardani.

Malik was recently in the news for quitting the show as she was unhappy with the way her character was shaping up. Also, it was shown that Ammaji was reportedly getting killed and this did not go down well with Meghna. Now, as per a latest report from an entertainment news portal, Laado 2 will soon be axed by the channel and Meghna Malik who played a central character is receiving lot of message from her fans. In response to the messages, an agitated Meghna posted a sarcastic reply on her social media handle.


The actress makes her displeasure with the news evident. She even goes on to mention bad writing and the show’s inability to hold the audiences interest.