For those who are not aware of the whole controversy, a few days ago, popular television actress and ex Bigg Boss 9 contestant Kishwer Merchant had put out a video where she and her friends were talking about food and one of her friends says: ‘I want pancakes’. That line was then picked up by MTV VJ Anusha and her friend VJ Gaelyn, who couldn’t stop laughing at the man’s accent. Instead of having a laugh about it in private, they made a video of it and Anusha posted it on her account as an Insta story.

Momentum indicators for forex Kishwer saw it and she slammed both of them for making fun of her friend’s Indian Accent,That too on a public platform like social media. Her lovey hubby Suyyash Rai also joined her and both posted a message for them. Now VJ Anusha have posted a long post on instagram,in which she is trying to defend hereself and VJ Gaelyn. Love from me… xoxo A post shared by Anusha Dandekar (@vjanusha) on

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was ist ein demo konto Talking about VJ Anusha’s post, Kishwer told a leading entertainment news portal,that she (VJ Anusha) is making her laugh,and Anusha has created a good story to make Kishwer look Villain in the whole controversy. binУЄre optionen template download “Anusha makes me laugh. She says that she wanted me to call her for things which she is doing on public platform.
Why delete the videos she posted with Gaelyn and the messages wherein people spoke badly to her if she wasn’t guilty about anything? Anusha has created a good story after 3 days to make me look the villain here.Anusha’s friend Gaelyn was clearly scared with what she did. She knew she had done something terribly wrong, and then she went on to tell him that we are mad. Imagine!”
Kishwer Merchant told

go here here “Anusha has tried to be a hero but fallen flat on her face, because she isn’t one. And pray, why is she teaching me how to be a good friend to people. I don’t need to prove it to Anusha. My friends know what they mean to me. Why not call me up and say ‘Sorry’, Anusha? If she has a clean heart as she claims, why not phone me and talk? Why do all this on social media? To garner sympathy?” She further added.

go to link Kishwer told the portal,that With VJ Anusha’s long note the only thing she understand is that Anusha has said sorry to Rahul which is good but she has NOT accepted that she has done something wrong.

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