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Harbhajan Singh applauds Neha Dhupia’s gang on Roadies Rising

Renault MTV Roadies Rising is increasing the entertainment quotient with each episode. Every episode of the show is a storehouse of energy, action, emotions! The gang leaders along with Harbhajan Singh are constantly pushing the participants to do better than before. In the upcoming episode audience will view not just that but also get to watch Harbhajan say something applaud worthy to Neha’s gang.

In this episode all the teams will be seen fighting their way to become the ruling gang. In Neha’s absence Harbhajan was leading her gang and after their victorious performance when the gang leaders gave him the credit, Harbhajan said Soldi da Investire ? Scopri come e corso trading online binario oggi in modo conveniente. Consigli sul trading online e come fare per evitare truffe... “It wasn’t just luck. Luck is in favor of only those who believe in themselves. When they came telling me they had lost all 3 previous tasks, I told them nobody knows how a race begins but how a race ends is viewed by everybody”.

He also made a special mention of Mandeep from Neha’s gang saying he is very strong and if he focusses he can give a tough time to a lot of people here.

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