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Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant Opens Up on Casting Couch

Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant is Someone who will never shy away from calling a spade a spade. Rakhi Sawant has a rather startling opinion on the ongoing debate on casting couch and sexual harassment of strugglers in the film industry. While talking to a leading entertainment news portal, Rakhi admitted being a Victim of casting Couch.

rencontre femmes 85 “When I was a struggler, yes I did face the casting couch. But it wasn’t as if every producer or director I approached was guilty. As in every walk of life, there is sexual corruption in the film industry also. As far as I was concerned, this was just in the beginning. But I had talent and I didn’t have to give in. I learnt to say no. And I used my talent as an artiste to make my way through life. I suggest all strugglers to have patience and not surrender to the temptation of shortcuts,” Rakhi said.

On a controversial note, Rakhi completely supports Choreographer Saroj Khan in the opinion that there is no coercion involved when sexual favours are exchanged.

She said, como conocer a una mujer infiel “Nobody rapes anyone in this film industry. It’s all consensual and voluntary. In this, I fully support Sarojji. At least she has spoken her mind and let the world know the truth. People in Bollywood don’t speak out the truth about the casting couch although it is happening right here in front of their eyes. They feel they are making their way up why should they bother with what’s happening around them? I really admire Sarojji for letting the world know the reality that they have to face every day. Sarojji has seen what goes here. I totally agree with her.”

Source “Young girls are willing to make any compromise to get going in their career. Aaj kal to ladkiyan kehti hain, Kuch bhi kar lo, mujhe kaam de do’. Iss mein producer ki kya ghalti hai? (Girls, these days, are ready to do anything to get work. Why to blame producers for this?) Sarojji is not wrong. A lot of girls come in the film industry to become heroines but become something else… you understand what I am saying? Call it destiny or what you will,” Rakhi added.

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