Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa’s Hot and Bold rain dance goes VIRAL

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Bhojpuri actress Monalisa have gained immense popularity in last few years. This is the reason that her every picture and video gets viral on social media. The popular Bhojpuri actresss was recently seen in the bold promotional video of a Bengali web series.

Recently Monalisa shared one video on Instagram and that is getting viral these days. The video has been seen more than 2 million times on YouTube and in this video, Monalisa can be seen dancing with boys in the rain.

Monalisa is a quite popular actress in Bhojpuri film industry and she even came to controversial show Bigg Boss.

She entered the show in 10th season and in the show her rumours of being attached with co contestant Manu Punjabi got so much attention, but things got to sort out when Monalisa got married to her boyfriend and actor Vikrant Singh Rajput.

VIDEO : Manveer Gurjar dances on Sapna Choudhary’s Song

Manveer Gurjar rose to fame and became an overnight star after beating VJ Bani in the Grand Finale and winning Bigg Boss 10. Recently his friends from the show along with rumoured lover Kamya Punjabi organised a surprise birthday bash for him.

The videos and pics have surfaced online in which he can be seen dancing to the tunes of Bigg Boss 11 contestant Sapna Choudhary’s song Teri Ankhan Ka Yo Kajal.

Have a look at the video :

Manveer and Kamya are rumoured to be dating from quite some time. The two were often spotted spending quality time with each other. However, whenever asked, they have always been tight-lipped about their relationship.

EXCLUSIVE : Manu Punjabi Talks About His New Show, Bigg Boss 12 and More

‘Manu Punjabi.. Naam toh Suna Hoga ?’

India’s Biggest Reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, hosted by bollywood superstar Salman Khan, have given us a lot of entertainers across all of it’s seasons. The makers of the controversial reality show opened the platform to the ‘aam janta’ as well in the Tenth season, In which we got a winner in Manveer Gurjar and an an Entertainer in online pharmacy no prescription Orlistat 120 mg Manu Punjabi. Manu Punjabi was one of the strongest contender of winning Tenth season of the controversial reality show, However, Unfortunately, He didn’t become the winner, but came out of the house with a lot of fans, respect and ofcourse a Bag full of 10 Lakh Rupees.

We recently had a promozioni opzioni binarie EXCLUSIVE Interview with Manu Punjabi, where he discussed a lot of things with us. He divulged more details about his recently launched show, and a lot more.. Here are excerpts from our conversation with him..

rencontre zwaml maroc What changes took place in your life after Bigg Boss 10?

My Life got completely changed after the Bigg Boss experience. You might be very good looking or very rich, but there’s that one thing, I can say success, when the world recognises you, that fame is priceless. Like today everyone recognises me while walking down the street, ask for autographs, click selfies, families come and hug me tell me “you have raised the respect of the commoners, you didn’t compromise your respect and dignit”. There is a huge exposure. I feel blessed. My mother’s blessings have helped me reach here.

Quick cash money transfer eco You are known as Bigg Boss 10’s biggest entertainer. What do you have to say on that ?

Yeah ! I am addressed as ‘Sabse bada entertainer’ in Bigg Boss 10, because I am that ‘real common man’ who has a varitey of moods and expressions. I can express what I’m actually feeling. When we’re happy, its with all our heart, even if it’s for a small reason. This is the quality of a common man. And when we’re tensed or in a problem, we express that too. This is the quality that India loved in me. And as long as fun is considered, I cannot say this is my quality, I have it in me since birth. I’m spontaneous and quick witted and that is what India loved. Thanks a ton to India for that.

follow url M3, that is Manveer, Monalisa and yourself, has made its place in the hearts of the people. Are you in touch with Manveer and Monalisa?

M3 was formed after a lot of efforts, we 3 made a lot of compromises and sacrifices. And any good friendship has to face these challenges. Especially in a place where people are competing just to win, it was a big challenge for all 3 of us to go into nominations for each other, making compromises and sacrifices for your friends, but we fulfilled it together. I’m proud that we 3 became M3 and yes we 3 are still in touch and we 3 love each other a lot. We are busy in our lives and hopefully counting each other in our blessings.

follow url Which Bigg Boss 10 contestants are you still in touch with?

See, I’m definitely in touch with all the commoners, our bonding and friendship is still the same. Talking about celebrities, I didn’t make that much effort for them to get comfortable and become friends, because a war was going on amongst us in there. You can’t call it a cold war, even though few people were taking it as a cold war. But there was a war and we were fighting it. Then too, I can say that I’m in touch with LopaMudra and Rohan. I have to smile when we meet so we do have some kind of friendship and this is hi- hello with others too. There is no touch with Gaurav Chopra, maybe because he’s busy in his life, everything else is fine though. Your new show ‘MTV A date to remember’ was telecasted recently and is receiving a good response. How was your experience on the show?

‘A date to remember ‘is a date to remember for me too because the shows that i did before were as a contestant. To become a captain and lead the team on the show was a great experience. Also to take responsibilities of some kids on myself. I have a habit of making a team and leading it since childhood and this time I got the chance to show that experience to the entire nation and i loved that. I hope that the show does well and people like my way of working. I just hope for the best.

site rencontre ado bruxelles Apart from A date to remember, will we see you in any other show/ film or web series?

Apart from ‘A date to remember’, I have pitching for 2 movies. I’ve already signed one contract for a Hindi movie and a Punjabi movie is being discussed. I’m not at all interested in doing fiction because i am not able to show the world something that i am not. If a reality show comes up I would definitely love to work for it. It’s okay in movies to become a character for a short time, that is understandable. I don’t give auditions, neither have I given one and nor am i going to give one especially for any fiction. As long as other things are considered, if a good offer comes along, definitely i would like to work for it. I also want to focus on my YouTube channel now. I have started my own channel but I’m yet to put its content. Hopefully would do something good for my channel. I believe that if the tiger has his own space, he can roam around freely. If i become a circus tiger, I wont be able to portray myself well. My earlier shows also asked me to play freely and i did. That’s what India loved. I’ve done the same in A date to remember and would like to do the same in future. Bigg Boss 12 has been announced and this time the commoners will be auditioning in pairs. Any suggestions?

There will be couple auditions in Bigg Boss 12. I feel that if 2 people are going to audition together, it will be a big task even before entering the house. How will 2 people be able to explain themselves and prove themselves to be better will be a task. There is a chance that people might start fighting in their audition. Because ultimately they want entertainment and good content. So now if 2 people start fighting from the beginning, they would want to see what is the equation the chemistry and what kind of fights can take place among them. This is the biggest task this time and as long as we talk about the news, Katrina is also going to host the show. However i dont feel that will happen, but if it does, then a big couple will already be in front of the people whom the Indians love. So its going to be a challenge. We’ll have to see who all come and what things they do. I have a few people in my mind. If those people come this season, it’ll be really fun.

source url A message for your fans?

I would like to give this message to my fans that you all arent my fans, we all are friends. If you feel like doing something in life, then you have to face challenges and make efforts for it. Try to convince your family. And if they dont listen, then you’re allowed to cheat a little. Always keep working to make your dreams come true. Because when your dreams do come true, the sky will be your limit.


Here’s wishing Manu Punjabi all the best for his future endeavours from Team RealityPost

By Rashi Sharma for RealityPost

LEAKED : Meet the Contestants of MTV A Date to Remember

MTV’s upcoming reality show titled ‘A Date to Remember’, is all set to go on air by 26 April. This reality –based show has a very unique format on dating. The show will feature 9 male contestants, who would go out on a dating spree with 9 aspiring models,and the twist to the tale is that the show features their ex- girlfriends too. The male contestants are:

Anchor Bhuvan Vikram Singh, Rubdeet Singh, Kapil Matlani, Bharat Jain, Yudhishter Vashisth, Amaan Khan, Aqib Shabir, Kunal Gupta, Rahul Bhatnagar and Sikander Khan.

The female contestants are:

Latika Gill, Shraavya Reddy, Swati Verma, Aditi Rajput, Ipsita Bhattacharjee, Ashmaya Yadav, Anchor Ruby, Honey Sharma, Anshul Sharma, Savina Birla, Pratibha Phogat, Afreen Rahat, Anny Ranabhatt, Sahlini Sharma, Neel Mishra, Lovely Peswani and Asma Badar.

The show is hosted by Splitsvilla fame Divya Aggarwal, while Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul and popular singer Indeep Bakshi are the mentors.

Manveer Gurjar wants Vikas Gupta to Win Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar says that he wants TV Producer Vikas Gupta to win the current season of the controversial Reality TV show. Manveer, who is debuting in Bollywood with “Aaj Ki Ayodhya” , during media interaction at the launch of the film said that he “wants to salute everyone who participated in Bigg Boss”.

“I don’t think its commoner versus celebrity scene. Whoever has entered Bigg Boss house is a celebrity. This divide has been created by people who are sitting outside. Contestants like Bandgi (Kalra) or Arshi (Khan) is celebrity in their own right but now it’s up to them that how they pursue themselves in future. As far as last four finalist of ‘Bigg Boss’ are concerned, I find Vikas (Gupta) very positive. I am rooting for Vikas Gupta. I want him to win ‘Bigg Boss’. I feel people should support participants who they admire” said Manveer Gurjar

With Akash Dadlani out of the game, there are four contestants left in ‘Bigg Boss’ house- Puneesh Sharma, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. Manveer shared close bond with ‘Bigg Boss’ host Salman Khan so when asked whether he will approach Salman to promote his debut film “Aaj Ki Ayodhya”, Manveer said, “It’s too early to talk about it. I met Salman bhai (Khan) after I won Bigg Boss but that time, I didn’t speak about my film. Once the movie gets completed then I will talk to him.”

Produced by Anand Kumar Gupta and directed by Naresh Dhuhlani, the film also stars ‘Zid’ fame Shraddha Das.


Manu Punjabi thinks Vikas Gupta has lesser chance of winning against Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde.

Post the mid-week eviction, Bigg Boss 11 has now gotten its top four contestants in Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma. Three celebrities and one commoner have made it to the grand finale of Bigg Boss 11. Everyone including the TV celebrities has picked their sides, with most of them rooting for TV producer Vikas Gupta.

Last year, Commoner contestant Manu Punjabi took the biggest risk in the season by walking out of the game with a bag full of Rs 10 lakh. This year, Manu has been following the popular reality show keenly and is rooting for Vikas Gupta.

In an interview with Indian Express, Manu Punjabi has openly expressed that he wants Vikas Gupta to do the same. He said, “Vikas has been the true mastermind in the game. I really wanted him to win but with Shilpa and Hina against him, it looks a little difficult for him. This is why I feel he should be the one, who steps out with the money bag. That way he will end his journey in the show on his own terms. He has used his mind throughout and without an iota of doubt, he should go ahead and not worry about what his fans would think. That way he will prove, he is indeed the mastermind of Bigg Boss 11.”

When Manu Punjabi was asked how difficult was the decision for him, he said, “You realise it during your stint in the game. It is not about whether the other finalists are more popular than you, it is about how you have been perceived in the game. During the course, you tend to take decisions that might have been good for the game but fans would not have taken it in the right spirit. So this is the payback time for your honesty and mind games.”

He added, “Also it is not about the money ever but about taking a respectful exit. Every game has just one winner and there is no value of the people who come second and third. Doesn’t make sense to just hold Salman Khan’s hand and stand on the podium.”

Manu Punjabi also lent his piece of mind on the ongoing season. He quippd, “I really don’t want to compare as the level of torture is different for everyone (laughs). But I liked Vikas in the show as he has fought his way in the journey and stood up against everyone whenever needed. We both had a similar journey and I want him to win. Though I feel Shilpa will take home the trophy as she has really played a beautiful game. I salute her for her patience and the way she smilingly crossed the 100 days in the house.”

Talking about the best performers in the game, he said, “Akash was a great contributor in the game. It takes guts to show such dumbness on screen and become the butt of all jokes. Shilpa, Hina and Vikas of course for all their efforts. I even liked Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan. These are the people who made the show. I am really surprised to see Puneesh still in the game, he moved up solely by clinging to others.”

Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale is schedule for January 14. Let’s see who walks out of the house with the winning trophy. Who do you think is the most deserving winner for Bigg Boss season 11?

Prince Narula RUBBISHES reports of being KICKED out from Date to Remember

‘Reality King’ Prince Narula and his rumoured girlfriend actress Yuvika Chaudhary were recently in the news for being kicked out of MTV’s dating reality show, A Date To Remember.

The couple apparently had begun to visit cities with mentor and Bigg Boss 11 finalist Manu Punjabi for the auditions of the show and the show was supposed to be launched by mid-January.

However, reportedly the makers decided to replace Price and Yuvika in the last minute with Divya Agarwal, who has been in the news for her break-up with Priyank Sharma. Now, Prince recently took to his instagram account to rubbish the news and clarified that he wasn’t kicked out but he backed out from the show.

Hope everything is clear now !

Manu Punjabi feels Swami Om was one of the main reasons behind Bigg Boss 10’s success

Bigg Boss 10 finalist Manu Punjabi will be hosting a new show called ‘BB Chai Pe Charcha with Manu Punjabi’ where he will give his expert comments on the current season. In fact, you’ll also get to see quite a few guests on his show.

Manu was a part of one of the most controversial seasons of Bigg Boss where there was a man called Swami Om who created so much chaos on the show,that even the host of the show,bollywood superstar Salman Khan lost his cool.

After being thrown out of the house, Swami Om kept telling everyone that he has slapped Salman and that Salman begged for forgiveness. Talking to TOI, Manu spoke about Swami Om’s blasphemous statements and how he was the only reason for the show to be a super hit.

Manu Punjabi told Times of India :

We can’t even touch Salman Khan’s shadow. The show’s format is such that we don’t get to meet Salman Khan personally or any other person. We have to stay with each other for three months. Salman Khan doesn’t need a show to promote himself why will he come inside the house. All that Swami Om said after coming out of the show was rubbish. There are cameras inside the house, it is not possible to hide anything from it

He added :

Everyone abuses Swami Om and even I find him an absurd person, but you can’t deny that it was Swami Om who made Bigg Boss a superhit show. He used to always come up with plans which were never successful and we had to eventually pay a prize for it. But audiences were entertained because of his antics. He is a sick person and he needs treatment.” Okay we agree with that last line completely

Manu Punjabi was one of the most popular commoner contestant of Bigg Boss 10, and he left the house with Rupees 10 Lakhs at the Grand Finale.

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar all set for his Bollywood debut

Manveer Gurjar entered the season 10 of controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, hosted by superstar Salman Khan as a commoner contestant. He won the hearts of viewers and emerged as the winner of the show.

PHOTOS : These pictures of Ex Bigg Boss contestant Sonali Raut are TOO HOT TO HANDLE

Manveer, who is currently participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 8 is all set to make his bollywood debut,as per recent reports. While talking to a leading daily,the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner revealed that he has finalized a hindi film for his bollywood debut.

When DNA quizzed him about his film debut, he further said that, “Woh bhi baat ho rahi hai. I have got a lot of film offers. I will be announcing something very soon.”

ALSO READ : Manu Punjabi opens up on rumours of split with fiancee Priya Saini

Reportedly, Manveer already has a plump deal with ‘Colors’ channel apart from the film offers.

Are you excited for his bollywood debut ? Post your views in the comments section below

Manu Punjabi opens up on rumours of split with fiancee Priya Saini

manu punjabi with fiancee

Popular Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi is in headlines currently as he is soon going to host a show for MTV India titled ‘A Date To Remember’ alongwith his co contestant Nitibha Kaul and Punjabi singer Indeep Bakshi

Recently,news floated in media that Manu Punjabi had ended his relationship with his fiancee, Priya Saini. The couple who dated each other since seven years, have been in a live-in relationship for four years now. It was reported that Priya was interfering much into his career and was insecure. However, Manu Punjabi rubbished the reports while talking to a leading entertainment news portal.

“This is totally untrue. I have no idea who is spreading such baseless news. Priya and I are very much together.” Manu Punjabi told Bollywoodlife.

He further added. “I don’t know where these reports are coming from,”

Manu and Priya are supposed to get married this year in a destination wedding in Goa.