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Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala may not release in Karnataka. Pro Karnataka groups have threatened to stop Thalaiva’s film release in the state. Apparently, it is the actor’s comment on the Cauvery issue that may spell trouble for the producers.

After entering politics, Rajinikanth had said, “The Cauvery Management Board should be formed as soon as possible. If the Centre does not do that, it may face the wrath of entire Tamil Nadu.”

In an interview to International Business Times, the President of Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha, Vatal Nagaraj, threatened the actor and his movie. He said, “We will not allow the release of Kaala in Karnataka.” Nagaraj further went on to say, “Rajinikanth’s stand (on the Cauvery issue) is unacceptable to us. He is against Kannadigas. So, we won’t allow the release of his film.”

What makes matters worse for Rajinikanth’s film is that the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) stands by the fringe groups. In fact, in an interview with the President of KFCC, Sa Ra Govindu said, “I am not doing this as president of KFCC, but as an activist and a proud citizen of Karnataka. For me, the state comes first and friendship next. We are proud of Rajinikanth, who is from Karnataka and has grown to great heights. We would watch his films for his entertaining performances though it was made in another language.”

He also went on to say, “As an actor, he always handled issues on Cauvery in a diplomatic way. But when he entered politics and formed a party, he made a direct attack on us, which has not gone down well with Karnataka. It is a question of our prestige and we want to keep our word. We will not allow his film to be released here.”

Looks like Tamil films stars who have openly voiced their thoughts on the Cauvery issue will continue to face this trouble in Karnataka. Remember, SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The Conclusion had been in a similar situation due to Tamil actor Satyaraj’s comments on the Cauvery water trouble.

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