‘Bigg Boss house is difficult place to maintain your values’ : Gaurav Chopra

Popular actor comprar viagra 20 mg online Gaurav Chopra won hearts of many people with his stint on controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 10’. His friendship with runner up conocer hombres en linea Bani J was talk of the town when he was inside the glass-walled house. He was one of the most genuine celebrity contestant on the show, and that’s why he is called ‘The Gentleman’ by his fans and followers.

We recently got in touch with Gaurav where he talked about his upcoming projects, upcoming season of ‘Bigg Boss’ and answered many other things. Read on to find out more..

speed dating in janesville wi How was your overall experience in Bigg Boss 10?

My experience in Bigg Boss was exactly how I anticipated it to be. Many seasons had gone by I had been approached 5 or 6 times before and finally when I said yes, I knew what I was getting into. They had agreed to my terms & I knew what I was going for. So, there were no surprises.

Of course the people and the kind of people you could not predict before because that is always a surprise for everyone who the other contestants will be, how will you get along with them, what will happen, that you cannot predict.

But otherwise this is exactly what I thought it would be, a mixed bag of goodies. You hope as a person that when you go in you gain from it and loose little. I think that is what happened with me. So, I’m glad that what I had hoped for and wished for turned out to be true. I have more followers now, people know me more, respect me more, seem to say good things to me ever since I have come back. All & all of good things.

options broker You were a good friend of Bani J inside the house. Are you still in touch with her ?

There was a lot written about Bani & me when I was inside, I was asked about her when I came out and I have continuously been asked about her. You know, I think that there is a point after which you say this question doesn’t makes sense anymore. Why is it continuously been asked? I raised this objection even inside the house. Why is everyone asking me about this one aspect coz we were both & we both are very open people. We say things the way they are and the only thing is our ways are different.

She is little blunt about it and I am little curtious about it. But both of us are upfront honest people and that’s what made the friendship special. What is the current status is for us to know and I don’t think it should be anyone else’s concern specially because.. Hey, you’re not seeing us on TV together anymore, so till the time you see us again, which might happen, I think the question is irrelevant. Are you in touch with any commoner contestant from Bigg Boss 10?

I’m only friends and in touch with people that I called friend inside. So, there is a hint for you, anybody & everybody that I called friend inside, I’m calling them a friend outside and they are calling me a friend outside, we are in touch. None of it was fake, it is not fake for people like me. People who speculate are dumb. I’m sorry to say.

Dumb maybe is a harsh word but I think they have no reading of people. If you cannot in 100 days look at somebody and judge the person correctly than there is something wrong with you.

conocer gente que hable ingles The upcoming season of Bigg Boss will again feature Celebrity contestants as well as Commoners. Do you think that it will be a successful one like your season ?

I wish the season and the contestants well for this year, I wish them well every year as a human being to another human being.

Many media reports suggested that you’ll be seen next in a web series opposite a popular TV actress. Is that true by any chance ? If yes, Please let us know more about it.

There is a lot of work lined up, there is a Web Series, there are two short films, there is one feature film, there is a Television show for Star Plus and I’m also in process of scripting something myself with someone else. But all of it is little premature to give details because it’s all in the pipeline. I think the short film and the web series will come out first because that are already being edited.

So, the first web series that comes out, people haven’t seen me like that ever. It’s a comedy and I’ve played a playful Casanova. And it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully, people shall like the new version of me. The other roles are very different as well, there is one in which I played a special agent, a detective. And there is another one.. Actually, you know there is no point talking about till the time it comes out. So, let it come out.
You suddenly disappeared after Bigg Boss 10, unlike your other co-contestants, who are appearing in other reality shows, but we never saw you in any. What’s the reason? Does it mean you are working on a Big project?

My mother was not well at all. She got diagnosed in the month of March and flew down to Delhi which is where she lives and I have pretty much been concentrating on that as much as I could. It was all over the internet on my social media. So, if you guys did little bit of homework you would know. That she’s wasn’t well I was in Delhi pretty much and I have been going ever so often, been more in Delhi then in Mumbai.

I started resuming my work post July which is when she was a little better & for me I didn’t really mind the fact that as soon as Bigg Boss got over and lot of those calls & lot of those scripts & lot of those offers were coming in, that I had to decline them because for me nothing is more important than family. And this definitely was the most important thing to do.

trading online economico You were so reserved and image conscious kinda person in Bigg Boss. Are you same in your real life?

I don’t think I’m reserved at all, I think I was very vocal, I think I was very clear. I don’t know what you mean by image conscious as well. I was just particular that I was not going to let down on my values. I conduct myself with the fair amount of courtesy and standard outside & I wanted to do the same inside. The only reason I was careful about it was because Bigg Boss as a house & it’s location is a difficult place to maintain courtesy & values, standards and decency. It’s a place where the opposite of all of this things are more possible. And so I had to be careful.

So, I wasn’t careful about my image, I was careful about my values & standards. And my friend if whatever values or whatever standards you have or the readers might have, I would suggest that you should always and always live by them. That’s what makes you who you are. Any suggestion/tips for Bigg Boss 11 contestants ?

My suggestion to anybody going for Bigg Boss should be to make sure that you want to be there and you want to win. Because if you’re not sure about that, you might not like the experience. It’s a bit of a test and it’s meant for people who really want to be there and who want to do well in the show. And so if you have tick marks on this two points, then all the best to you then you don’t need me to tell you.

Your fans respect you a lot, they always use to call you a true gentleman. Any message for them?

Yes, like I said in the first answer, ever since I have come out of Bigg Boss people calling me a gentleman or understanding the standards and the values like I said earlier. Most people seem to have understood that, the only people who did not understand that I feel are stupid. Stupid in the sense that they refused to see the reality and they want to ask a question just because it is not common.

There are things in the world & qualities in the world that are not common but that doesn’t mean that don’t exist and they’re not real. But when people keep asking whether this is real or not real, it gives me an impression that this is not just uncommon it’s probably very rare and for the person asking me I get the impression that he does not have people in his/her life which are like this for him to question this so much.

And I found it quite appoling that during the whole course of Bigg Boss the fact that there was a person there who was not abusing, standing up only for the right and relevant issues, somebody who was calling a spade a spade but was not using bad words, somebody who did not loose his cool, somebody who was not discourteous to women, somebody who did not ill-behaved was so difficult for people to believe that gives me an impression that the standards most people have gone down pretty much. I’m sorry this is all sounding very elites but you know I come from a family and culture where this very normal. So, I don’t think this is a bit of a superior thing. I just find the question really silly.

To just answer the last question, ever since I came out, I keep hearing about these things, these adjectives and these nice words that people use for me and I’m glad, this was the purpose. The purpose was to go to Bigg Boss and earn more fans, the purpose was to earn more respect, the purpose was to put my best foot forward and say, “Hey! You know this is difficult but mai kar sakta hu”. I can test my values and standards here and prove to the world that, “Yes! I can still stand by what I promised”. So, a lot of have recognized that and lot of people say such good things to me. And many many more fans than before.

So thanks to Bigg Boss and thanks to you guys because you guys are the link between me and them & through you they hear my voice and they understand my thoughts. So thank you to you as well.

(We wish all the very best to Gaurav for his future endeavours ! And thank him for being kind enough for this EXCLUSIVE interview)

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