EXCLUSIVE Interview of ‘Sammohanam’ Actor Amit Purohit

amit purohit

Actor http://leitensoftware.de/?rrte=flirten-vrouwen-signalen&255=7b Amit Purohit needs no introduction. He started his journey as an assistant director and later he forayed into the field of modelling. Amit has done modelling campaigns for Siyarama, Hindustan Times, old admiral with Katrina Kaif.

Purohit debuted in Hindi cinema with a critically acclaimed film Pankh. He also starred in films like ‘Aalaap’ and ‘Shobhna’s 7 nights’.

Amit Purohit

Amit recently debuted in Tollywood with binäre optionen handeln forum Sudheer Babu and follow site Aditi Rao Haidari starrer ‘Sammohanam’. The film is directed by National Award Winning director http://davisslater.com/ficeryw/3509 Mohan Krishna Indraganti, who has delivered couple of hit films like Gentleman and Ami Tumi.

source url We recently got in touch with Amit Purohit for a brief interview. Here are excerpts from our interview with him…

pagina de solteros sin compromiso You always wanted to be an actor, or it happened by chance ?

Well ! To be very frank, I was always inclined towards art. I believe its a best form to express human emotion. However, in my story, it was never planned. I was working with an ad agency, where i met may people who asked me to try my luck in acting. From there, I got interested in theatres plays and later got into films.

Sudheer Babu and Amit Purohit during Shooting of Sammohanam

Viagra where can i buy in Colorado Springs Colorado How you entered Tollywood industry and how was your experience working in your first tollywood film which is a blockbuster now ?

Well ! Thats a quite interesting story (smiles) Someone saw my work and day i got a call from this gentleman named Raghav, who made me talk to respected Mohan sir. It was one of the best space to be in when i was on the sets of Sammohanam. Mohan sir, Vinda PG sir who is cinematographer of the film,Suresh Kota sir and all the crew members, including all my Co actors, Everyone had this positive vibe and made me comfortable on the sets. It was one of the very best experiences of life. I Found people in hyderabad also very loveable the whole jibe of this city is awesome.

Amit Purohit with ‘Sammohanam’ director Mohana Krishna Indraganti

http://josiart.at/rete/13101 How was your experience working with National Award Winning Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti in Sudheer Babu starrer Sammohnam ? What you learnt from him ?

What i learnt from him ? (smiles) Come On ! Mohan sir himself is like a school when it comes to cinema. I am really blessed to get my first break in tollywood under his guidance. Whatever praises or little good things people has to say about my character in Sammohanam is all because of him. I blindly followed his instructions, from the day he made me undestand the character on a phone call to,then quick reading session to understand the character and to plan such scenes with others, having lunch in his caravan,talking and discussing national international cinema,made me really comforatable. There is always something or the other to learn from him. He is full of knowledge and I really cant thank him enough.

Amit Purohit

see url Sammohanam is doing wonders at the Box office and your character is being appereciated. What you would like to say about the film ?

Its like a dream come true. The film is beautiful and its working like magic. I always knew that it will do wonders because everyone worked hard.Its all beause of people out there and i thank to all them for watching and loving the film. My character is something where i had to challenge myself as an actor as i have not done it earlier..like playing a complete mean guy..who has a similar dream as sameera, but then become and behave different when he is not close to anything in his life..that fear is scary but was fun doing it..

Amit Purohit with ‘Sammohanam’ star Sudheer Babu

http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/?endonezit=free-binary-options-trading-software-download'a=0 You worked with some topnotch actors like Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao Haidari in Sammohanam, How was the experience working with them ?

Sudheer babu is one of the most talented and amazing actors i have met. Inspite of being such a big star he was very down to earth and supportive all through.

Aditi too was extremely supportive. She is a great soul and bundle of talent, i recently discovered she sings,dances, so basically there isnt anything she cant do. I have seen her work and always adore the kind of performances she has given.

Amit Purohit with Aditi Rao Haidari

http://www.thinkmaya.com/?tyioer=maroc-rencontres-moto&58b=ef When we will get to see you back on the Big screen again ?

Right now there are couple of meetings and talks but nothing concrete. I am waiting for some satisfying and big opportunity where i can grow and evolve as an actor.

online dating design In Bollywood, You have worked with some legendary actors like Anupam Kher, Rituparno Sengupta, Nawazuddin Siddiqui Raghuvir Yadav, Vijay Raj, Murli Sharma, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Lillit Dubey. Who’s your favorite or who’s company you enjoyed working with ?

See ! Every actor has a pattern and style to do certain scenes..all the names mentioned above are great actors , its always more of to learn something. I always take something from seniors to sharpen my skills as an actor.

We at RealityPost wish best of luck to Amit for his future projects

EXCLUSIVE : Manu Punjabi Talks About His New Show, Bigg Boss 12 and More

‘Manu Punjabi.. Naam toh Suna Hoga ?’

India’s Biggest Reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, hosted by bollywood superstar buy levitra 20mg online Salman Khan, have given us a lot of entertainers across all of it’s seasons. The makers of the controversial reality show opened the platform to the ‘aam janta’ as well in the Tenth season, In which we got a winner in Manveer Gurjar and an an Entertainer in buy protonix from canada Manu Punjabi. Manu Punjabi was one of the strongest contender of winning Tenth season of the controversial reality show, However, Unfortunately, He didn’t become the winner, but came out of the house with a lot of fans, respect and ofcourse a Bag full of 10 Lakh Rupees.

We recently had a buy mestinon syrup EXCLUSIVE Interview with Manu Punjabi, where he discussed a lot of things with us. He divulged more details about his recently launched show, and a lot more.. Here are excerpts from our conversation with him..

What changes took place in your life after Bigg Boss 10?

My Life got completely changed after the Bigg Boss experience. You might be very good looking or very rich, but there’s that one thing, I can say success, when the world recognises you, that fame is priceless. Like today everyone recognises me while walking down the street, ask for autographs, click selfies, families come and hug me tell me “you have raised the respect of the commoners, you didn’t compromise your respect and dignit”. There is a huge exposure. I feel blessed. My mother’s blessings have helped me reach here.

You are known as Bigg Boss 10’s biggest entertainer. What do you have to say on that ?

Yeah ! I am addressed as ‘Sabse bada entertainer’ in Bigg Boss 10, because I am that ‘real common man’ who has a varitey of moods and expressions. I can express what I’m actually feeling. When we’re happy, its with all our heart, even if it’s for a small reason. This is the quality of a common man. And when we’re tensed or in a problem, we express that too. This is the quality that India loved in me. And as long as fun is considered, I cannot say this is my quality, I have it in me since birth. I’m spontaneous and quick witted and that is what India loved. Thanks a ton to India for that.

M3, that is Manveer, Monalisa and yourself, has made its place in the hearts of the people. Are you in touch with Manveer and Monalisa?

M3 was formed after a lot of efforts, we 3 made a lot of compromises and sacrifices. And any good friendship has to face these challenges. Especially in a place where people are competing just to win, it was a big challenge for all 3 of us to go into nominations for each other, making compromises and sacrifices for your friends, but we fulfilled it together. I’m proud that we 3 became M3 and yes we 3 are still in touch and we 3 love each other a lot. We are busy in our lives and hopefully counting each other in our blessings.

Which Bigg Boss 10 contestants are you still in touch with?

See, I’m definitely in touch with all the commoners, our bonding and friendship is still the same. Talking about celebrities, I didn’t make that much effort for them to get comfortable and become friends, because a war was going on amongst us in there. You can’t call it a cold war, even though few people were taking it as a cold war. But there was a war and we were fighting it. Then too, I can say that I’m in touch with LopaMudra and Rohan. I have to smile when we meet so we do have some kind of friendship and this is hi- hello with others too. There is no touch with Gaurav Chopra, maybe because he’s busy in his life, everything else is fine though.

Your new show ‘MTV A date to remember’ was telecasted recently and is receiving a good response. How was your experience on the show?

‘A date to remember ‘is a date to remember for me too because the shows that i did before were as a contestant. To become a captain and lead the team on the show was a great experience. Also to take responsibilities of some kids on myself. I have a habit of making a team and leading it since childhood and this time I got the chance to show that experience to the entire nation and i loved that. I hope that the show does well and people like my way of working. I just hope for the best.

Apart from A date to remember, will we see you in any other show/ film or web series?

Apart from ‘A date to remember’, I have pitching for 2 movies. I’ve already signed one contract for a Hindi movie and a Punjabi movie is being discussed. I’m not at all interested in doing fiction because i am not able to show the world something that i am not. If a reality show comes up I would definitely love to work for it. It’s okay in movies to become a character for a short time, that is understandable. I don’t give auditions, neither have I given one and nor am i going to give one especially for any fiction. As long as other things are considered, if a good offer comes along, definitely i would like to work for it. I also want to focus on my YouTube channel now. I have started my own channel but I’m yet to put its content. Hopefully would do something good for my channel. I believe that if the tiger has his own space, he can roam around freely. If i become a circus tiger, I wont be able to portray myself well. My earlier shows also asked me to play freely and i did. That’s what India loved. I’ve done the same in A date to remember and would like to do the same in future.

Bigg Boss 12 has been announced and this time the commoners will be auditioning in pairs. Any suggestions?

There will be couple auditions in Bigg Boss 12. I feel that if 2 people are going to audition together, it will be a big task even before entering the house. How will 2 people be able to explain themselves and prove themselves to be better will be a task. There is a chance that people might start fighting in their audition. Because ultimately they want entertainment and good content. So now if 2 people start fighting from the beginning, they would want to see what is the equation the chemistry and what kind of fights can take place among them. This is the biggest task this time and as long as we talk about the news, Katrina is also going to host the show. However i dont feel that will happen, but if it does, then a big couple will already be in front of the people whom the Indians love. So its going to be a challenge. We’ll have to see who all come and what things they do. I have a few people in my mind. If those people come this season, it’ll be really fun.

A message for your fans?

I would like to give this message to my fans that you all arent my fans, we all are friends. If you feel like doing something in life, then you have to face challenges and make efforts for it. Try to convince your family. And if they dont listen, then you’re allowed to cheat a little. Always keep working to make your dreams come true. Because when your dreams do come true, the sky will be your limit.


Here’s wishing Manu Punjabi all the best for his future endeavours from Team RealityPost

By Rashi Sharma for RealityPost

Rizwan Sikander has a Strange Connection with ‘Hichki’

Popular Ex Roadies X2 Contestant and Actor Rizwan Sikander. Rizwan, who was a member of Bollywood actor Karan Kundrra’s gang on the Popular youth reality show is all praises for Popular Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji. Rizwan, who recieved an acting certificate from Roshan Taneja’s Acting Acadmy in 2009, says that he was ‘deeply moved’ by Rani’s presence at the occasion.

Talking about Rani Mukerji’s upcoming most talked about film ‘Hichki’, which is scheduled to release today (23rd March 2018), wishing all the luck to Rani and The whole YRF team, Rizwan says,“It’s a phenomenal subject that they have taken up and I wish them all the best for the film.”

Not only that, while having Exclusive conversation with us, Sikander revealed his strange connection with the concept of the film.

Rizwan revealed that He himself has suffered from Hichki from past seven years and that is why he can relate to the film and appereciates the idea behind it.

Rizwan shared a funny incident which happened on the sets of MTV Roadies X2. “It happened when I was shooting for Roadies X2 during the intense situation in the elimination round. We were shooting whole and it was 4:30am freezing cold, everybody was dead tired. Just before the announcement for the final elimination round of the show, there was pin drop silence.  I happened to get the loaded hitchki of my life. Everyone including Host Bani J and Gang Leaders Esha Deol, Vijendra Singh, Karan Kundrra, Rannvijay Singha burst out laughing. Their faces were a sight, still fresh in my memory. I didn’t know where to look for a sec and later found myself rolling on the floor along with them” shared Rizwan.

We all are aware that Rani Mukherjee is very highly acclaimed actress and proof is her huge lineup of amazing films. Talking about some of his favourite films that featured Mukherjee, Sikandar says, “ Movies like Black, Chalte Chalte, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega, Veer Zara are some of the films which are always in my fav movie list. Her laudable acting in Mardaani, Paheli, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Hey Ram is also appreciated by audience.”

Speaking of some of his favourite songs, Sikandar says, “ I can never stop myself from humming or tapping my feet on her songs, especially songs like, Oh Hum Dum from film Saathiya, Tauba Tumhare Yeh Ishaare and title track of film Saathiya.”

Sikander wishes to share camera with her in future. Rizwan Sikander has recently lended his voice in a documentary film which will be out in July on the biggest digital platform in the world.

We wish all the very best to Rizwan for his future endeavours.

EXCLUSIVE : Arshi Khan Talks About Bigg Boss, Her Upcoming Projects and More..

Arshi Khan, who was a contestant in Colors TV’s popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11’, needs no introduction. The popular model have managed to keep herself in the limelight with her antics on the controversial reality show.

We recently got in touch with Arshi and asked her so many things which you guys actually wanna know. Here are excerpts from our conversation with Arshi Khan

How was your experience being in India’s most popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ ?

My ‘Bigg Boss 11’ experience was wonderful. I got to learn a lot of things from the show. Before i was very stubborn individual, but after going inside the Bigg Boss house i learned a lot. “Salman Sahab (Salman Khan) ne bhi bahot kuch sikhaya, Bigg Boss ne bahot kuch sikhaya” (Salman Khan also taught me a lot of things as well as Bigg Boss). I got to learn more about Rationing, like how much you can save and prepare from limited amount of ration and more..

Which Contestants from Bigg Boss 11 You are Still in Contact with ?

I am in contact with a lot of people from Bigg Boss. I am in touch with Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Ben (Benfasha), Sapna and a lot more people. There are a few people with whom i am not in contact with.

We are watching you now a days in MTV Box Cricket League and your ‘NaukJhauk’ with controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant is making headlines. What do you have to say about that ?

Rakhi se meri naukjhauk aur hansi mazaak ho raha tha (laughs) But it was ok that all this fun was happening because i also met her for the first time, and i had to deliver content for the show. Rakhi was joking with me so i also did the same to her.. But i must tell you one thing that she is very good from heart.

When we will get to see you back on Small Screen ?

I am coming very soon on Television. I recently completed a Colors TV show titled ‘Ishq Main Mar Jaawan’. Rest, I am doing a lot of things apart from that, I am also doing a web series, so you guys will get to see me very soon.

There were reports in the media that you have signed a Bollywood as well as a South Indian Film. Can you please tell us more about it ?

I have already said this before that i will definitely work in South Indian Films and till the time i will keep getting good work from the industry, I will keep doing it. Will reveal the details about it later on.

You are player of the BCL team, whose Captain is your Bigg Boss co-contestant Hiten Tejwani. How is your equation with him after Bigg Boss ?

There is no such equation with Hiten. He is just a friend.. Bus Hi-Hello wale dost hain aur Hamesha rahenge. I have always respected him and I will keep respecting him.

A Message for your ‘Awaam’ (fans) worldwide 

My message for ‘Awaam’ is only this that they always remain happy and keep supporting me and my work. I thank them for the immense love they have given me.


We at RealityPost wish you best luck Arshi !


EXCLUSIVE : Kabir Duhan Singh opens up about Bigg Boss and His upcoming projects

Kabir Duhan Singh needs no introduction as he is a quite popular face in the South Industry. The popular actor who has impressed the audiences with his acting in a negative role in films like ‘Vedalam’ and ‘Jil’ is quite famous amongst the masses and is reports suggested that he was approached to participate in Colors TV’s controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

In a recent interaction with us, Kabir opened up about participating in Bigg Boss as well as revealed interesting things about his upcoming projects. Read on to find out more..

Hi Kabir ! Welcome to RealityPost, You have worked in many Telugu/Tamil movies. How was the experience ?
Tamil and Telugu industry is very professional. The people are lovely and very kind heart . Moreover the exciting part is . They really respect their technicians , more then anyone in the crew .

We recently got to know that you were approached for Bigg Boss. Why you denied the offer ?
No ! I was not approached to participate in the show this season. I was approached during my modeling times around 2013. Iwas excited about that But due to my commitments, I was not ready for the show.

When we will get to see in a Bollywood movie ?
Soon very soon lot of offers are coming in , but I am really looking for a special one.

You are quite popular in south. Have you ever been offered a TV serial ?
Yes I have been offered lot of tv shows in Hindi . Few of them were from the top most production houses. But again I was so busy in south that I had to tell them to pass.

Whats your relationship status ?
I am married with my work

Tell us about your upcoming projects
I am doing two films, which are going to start soon . One is kannada-Telugu bylingual and another one is Telugu.

Please share A Message for your fans
Only one thing I want to say to people that you have loved me so much , that you people are my god now . I am Because of you .Thankyou very much.

Here’s wishing good luck to Kabir Duhan Singh for his upcoming projects from Team Reality Post.

‘Bigg Boss house is difficult place to maintain your values’ : Gaurav Chopra

Popular actor Gaurav Chopra won hearts of many people with his stint on controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 10’. His friendship with runner up Bani J was talk of the town when he was inside the glass-walled house. He was one of the most genuine celebrity contestant on the show, and that’s why he is called ‘The Gentleman’ by his fans and followers.

We recently got in touch with Gaurav where he talked about his upcoming projects, upcoming season of ‘Bigg Boss’ and answered many other things. Read on to find out more..

How was your overall experience in Bigg Boss 10?

My experience in Bigg Boss was exactly how I anticipated it to be. Many seasons had gone by I had been approached 5 or 6 times before and finally when I said yes, I knew what I was getting into. They had agreed to my terms & I knew what I was going for. So, there were no surprises.

Of course the people and the kind of people you could not predict before because that is always a surprise for everyone who the other contestants will be, how will you get along with them, what will happen, that you cannot predict.

But otherwise this is exactly what I thought it would be, a mixed bag of goodies. You hope as a person that when you go in you gain from it and loose little. I think that is what happened with me. So, I’m glad that what I had hoped for and wished for turned out to be true. I have more followers now, people know me more, respect me more, seem to say good things to me ever since I have come back. All & all of good things.

You were a good friend of Bani J inside the house. Are you still in touch with her ?

There was a lot written about Bani & me when I was inside, I was asked about her when I came out and I have continuously been asked about her. You know, I think that there is a point after which you say this question doesn’t makes sense anymore. Why is it continuously been asked? I raised this objection even inside the house. Why is everyone asking me about this one aspect coz we were both & we both are very open people. We say things the way they are and the only thing is our ways are different.

She is little blunt about it and I am little curtious about it. But both of us are upfront honest people and that’s what made the friendship special. What is the current status is for us to know and I don’t think it should be anyone else’s concern specially because.. Hey, you’re not seeing us on TV together anymore, so till the time you see us again, which might happen, I think the question is irrelevant.

Are you in touch with any commoner contestant from Bigg Boss 10?

I’m only friends and in touch with people that I called friend inside. So, there is a hint for you, anybody & everybody that I called friend inside, I’m calling them a friend outside and they are calling me a friend outside, we are in touch. None of it was fake, it is not fake for people like me. People who speculate are dumb. I’m sorry to say.

Dumb maybe is a harsh word but I think they have no reading of people. If you cannot in 100 days look at somebody and judge the person correctly than there is something wrong with you.

The upcoming season of Bigg Boss will again feature Celebrity contestants as well as Commoners. Do you think that it will be a successful one like your season ?

I wish the season and the contestants well for this year, I wish them well every year as a human being to another human being.

Many media reports suggested that you’ll be seen next in a web series opposite a popular TV actress. Is that true by any chance ? If yes, Please let us know more about it.

There is a lot of work lined up, there is a Web Series, there are two short films, there is one feature film, there is a Television show for Star Plus and I’m also in process of scripting something myself with someone else. But all of it is little premature to give details because it’s all in the pipeline. I think the short film and the web series will come out first because that are already being edited.

So, the first web series that comes out, people haven’t seen me like that ever. It’s a comedy and I’ve played a playful Casanova. And it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully, people shall like the new version of me. The other roles are very different as well, there is one in which I played a special agent, a detective. And there is another one.. Actually, you know there is no point talking about till the time it comes out. So, let it come out.

You suddenly disappeared after Bigg Boss 10, unlike your other co-contestants, who are appearing in other reality shows, but we never saw you in any. What’s the reason? Does it mean you are working on a Big project?

My mother was not well at all. She got diagnosed in the month of March and flew down to Delhi which is where she lives and I have pretty much been concentrating on that as much as I could. It was all over the internet on my social media. So, if you guys did little bit of homework you would know. That she’s wasn’t well I was in Delhi pretty much and I have been going ever so often, been more in Delhi then in Mumbai.

I started resuming my work post July which is when she was a little better & for me I didn’t really mind the fact that as soon as Bigg Boss got over and lot of those calls & lot of those scripts & lot of those offers were coming in, that I had to decline them because for me nothing is more important than family. And this definitely was the most important thing to do.

You were so reserved and image conscious kinda person in Bigg Boss. Are you same in your real life?

I don’t think I’m reserved at all, I think I was very vocal, I think I was very clear. I don’t know what you mean by image conscious as well. I was just particular that I was not going to let down on my values. I conduct myself with the fair amount of courtesy and standard outside & I wanted to do the same inside. The only reason I was careful about it was because Bigg Boss as a house & it’s location is a difficult place to maintain courtesy & values, standards and decency. It’s a place where the opposite of all of this things are more possible. And so I had to be careful.

So, I wasn’t careful about my image, I was careful about my values & standards. And my friend if whatever values or whatever standards you have or the readers might have, I would suggest that you should always and always live by them. That’s what makes you who you are.

Any suggestion/tips for Bigg Boss 11 contestants ?

My suggestion to anybody going for Bigg Boss should be to make sure that you want to be there and you want to win. Because if you’re not sure about that, you might not like the experience. It’s a bit of a test and it’s meant for people who really want to be there and who want to do well in the show. And so if you have tick marks on this two points, then all the best to you then you don’t need me to tell you.

Your fans respect you a lot, they always use to call you a true gentleman. Any message for them?

Yes, like I said in the first answer, ever since I have come out of Bigg Boss people calling me a gentleman or understanding the standards and the values like I said earlier. Most people seem to have understood that, the only people who did not understand that I feel are stupid. Stupid in the sense that they refused to see the reality and they want to ask a question just because it is not common.

There are things in the world & qualities in the world that are not common but that doesn’t mean that don’t exist and they’re not real. But when people keep asking whether this is real or not real, it gives me an impression that this is not just uncommon it’s probably very rare and for the person asking me I get the impression that he does not have people in his/her life which are like this for him to question this so much.

And I found it quite appoling that during the whole course of Bigg Boss the fact that there was a person there who was not abusing, standing up only for the right and relevant issues, somebody who was calling a spade a spade but was not using bad words, somebody who did not loose his cool, somebody who was not discourteous to women, somebody who did not ill-behaved was so difficult for people to believe that gives me an impression that the standards most people have gone down pretty much. I’m sorry this is all sounding very elites but you know I come from a family and culture where this very normal. So, I don’t think this is a bit of a superior thing. I just find the question really silly.

To just answer the last question, ever since I came out, I keep hearing about these things, these adjectives and these nice words that people use for me and I’m glad, this was the purpose. The purpose was to go to Bigg Boss and earn more fans, the purpose was to earn more respect, the purpose was to put my best foot forward and say, “Hey! You know this is difficult but mai kar sakta hu”. I can test my values and standards here and prove to the world that, “Yes! I can still stand by what I promised”. So, a lot of have recognized that and lot of people say such good things to me. And many many more fans than before.

So thanks to Bigg Boss and thanks to you guys because you guys are the link between me and them & through you they hear my voice and they understand my thoughts. So thank you to you as well.

(We wish all the very best to Gaurav for his future endeavours ! And thank him for being kind enough for this EXCLUSIVE interview)

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl turns into a Glamourous Diva !

Popular Actress Mansha Bahl is known for her image-conscious and resereved nature,however, the ‘Fugly’ actress have gone bold in her recent photoshoot. Mansha, who started her career with Arjun Rampal starrer ‘Rascals’, in an Exclusive interview with RealityPost, revealed that she’ll next be seen in Producer Ashvini Yardy’s web series. Mansha shared her Exclusive photos from the recent photoshoot with us, and also opened up to a few questions. Read on to find out more..

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

In the recent photoshoot of yours, you have gone bold and shown your glamourous side. Would you like to say anything on that ?

Hahaha (Laughs) there’s nothing bold about it. Trends are changing in cinema n modelling world. I am just adapting with changing trends,and since our modelling world is full of foreign models who are explicit about their looks so why can’t we ? After all, we are in the same business and Indian girls are no less than any Beauty from abroad.

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

Well ! Is this photoshoot indicating that we might see you in a Bold avatar in your next film ?

May be or may be not, I would rather say. Rather, I have become mentally bold after all these years and all the experiences living in this city .

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

Many celebs are doing web series now a days. Is there any chance we will see you in one ?

Yes, I have done a web series with Ashivini Yardi, My producer of Fugly. It’s a sex comedy where I play this Snooty Rich girl. Awaiting it’s release.

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

In recent interview with a leading news channel, Kangana Ranaut revealed a lot about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan & how she was harassed by Aditya Pancholi. Any word on that?

Now that’s called being Bold what kanagna did. I have seen a little bit of tht interview. I really admire her. She’s a self made woman and I can totally relate with her struggling Experiences in her early days. But at the same time,I just wonder why would anybody Talk about their affairs in public n that too about people who have kids with their respective wives or a partner. I’m a very private person when it comes to relationships.

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

We would like to remind you, that Mansha Bahl is an animal activist, and is the same actress whom self-proclaimed film critic KRK has once quotedn as Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli’s Ex Girlfiriend.

We asked her about the same but she didn’t break her silence. May be she has moved on in her life, and It’s better to forget past, No ? We wish all the best to her for her upcoming projects. CHECK OUT MORE EXCLUSIVE PICTURES FROM HER RECENT BOLD PHOTOSHOOT BELOW !

EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.
EXCLUSIVE : Mansha Bahl from her recent Photoshoot.

EXCLUSIVE : Roadies X2 contestant Ajay Hooda launches his VLOG

Ajay Hooda was one of the most popular contestant on RoadiesX2. He was a member of TV Hearthrob Karan Kundra‘s Gang on the show. Apart from the popular youth reality show, Ajay have also acted in many popular plays.

Ajay Hooda

He recently launched his VLOG and when we got in touch with the actor, he revealed some really exciting and interesting things about that. Read excerpts of our interview with Ajay Hooda below

Tell us why you chose VLOG ? And what is the idea behind it ?

Ever since Roadies journey I have been really busy with one project or another and because of that, I didn’t get much time to travel, Or time to do something as interesting as Roadies Journey, something full of adrenaline and adventure. So I came up with this idea of Video logging which is often referred as VLOG.

It’s quite popular in the west but in India it’s a new thing. It is also referred as first person videography. It is like a movie where not only you are the one who is acting but directing and producing too.

The idea is to travel, do interesting things and shoot it for the audience as an episode.

What your VLOG is named and why ?

The channel name is VLOGMONKEY.
why monkey ? coz monkeys have a habit of hopping from one place to another.. they imitate and I feel that’s exactly what I am going to do in the VLoG. Travel one place to another try and do interesting things as locals would at that particular place. And not to Mention it is a catchy name which goes with my personality too ( he winks )

What the Vlog will cover?

My VLOGS would cover a lot.. starting from ALL THE locations in INDIA like landscapes/Beaches/ desert / safari and more.. the plan is to have fun to the fullest and make it adventurous as possible. keeping in mind it interest youth of India and overseas.

Your Expectations of with the Vlog

First and foremost Its my way to connect back to fans jo in dino nahi ho paya. And I not only expect but I ll make it the most polar VLoG channel in India and abroad.

In the end I would like to say to my friends my fans. that, come travel the world with me. And I ll make sure you ll have one hell of a journey every time we choose a new destination.

We wish all the very best to Ajay Hooda for his VLOG !

Here’s the link of his VLOG : www.youtube.com/c/VLOGMONKEY
You can follow him on Instagram : https://instagram.com/iajayhooda/
You can connect with him on his facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/iajayhooda

EXCLUSIVE : Most REVEALING interview of ‘Fugly’ actress Mansha Bahl

We recently had an exclusive interview with bollywood actress and animal activist Mansha Bahl. Mansha started her film career with directors like David Dhavan, Kabir Sadanand in the movies Rascals opposite Arjun Rampal produced by Sanjay Dutt and Fugly under the banner of Akshay Kumar Productions, and Spark. She also appeared in many Hindi and Punjabi music videos. Mansha was also linked with Virat Kohli by self proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan.

Mansha Bahl have been seen in bollywood films like Fugly and Rascals

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us,Mansha talked about her upcoming projects,her life goals and more. Read on to find out more.

How was your experience working with topnotch stars in Fugly and Rascals ?
It was a great experience and the movies trained me & made me a better actor.

We got to know that you are an animal activist. Please tell us more about that
This is my life goal. I’m a Vegetarian. I love animals. They are loyal, they are loveable & they don’t break your heart.

What’s your take on the recent Nirbhaya verdict of supreme Court?
I still feel there should be stricter punishment,its the worse act. And the punishment shud be worse.

Mansha Bahl is also an Animal Activist

When we’ll get to see you back on screen ?
Soon. I have an unreleased film with an A Lister actor. Can’t talk about it but just waiting for the official announcement from their side.

Have you ever been offered any reality show ?
Yes .

If asked to choose,which one you’ll choose, Film or Television?
films only. I have lot of TV offers. But I’m not meant for TV. I feel TV is amazing to establish yourself in this city. But as an actor my vision is different.

Tell us about your upcoming projects
I have a big Hindi film yet to be released. Plus i am getting into Production n co producing a remake of a cult Hindi movie in Punjabi,and also acting in it .

If you get an offer for Bigg Boss 11. Will you accept ?
Depends. I am a very straight forward person , I can’t take shit from people. So even if I go to big boss. I don’t know what will I end up doing to people if they misbehave with me.

Are you single or committed ?
It’s complicated .Relationships are not easy these days,and i am a very emotional person. But people don’t seem to value emotions. So it’s complicated.

KRK has once linked you & Virat Kohli. Are you still in touch with him?
No Comments.

Your fans want to see you more active on social media. What’s your take on that ?
I am active on Instagram. But I can’t be very active on Facebook and twitter. But I do make sure that I atleast acknowledge every msg or comment.

We wish best of luck to Mansha Bahl for her upcoming projects. Post your views in the comments section below.