MTV Roadies Rising contestant Jibran Dar made in to the headlines after he was accused of sexual harassment by female contestants on the show and was shown the exit gate for such behaviour. However he claims that is innocent and that he has call recordings and screenshots to prove himself.

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Talking about the whole incident, Jibran Dar told a leading entertainment news portal “When they asked me to leave the show I apologised to them and said that I had switched the lights on and off just for fun. That was not a room but a tent and I did not even go inside. I have not touched anyone, I did not abuse anyone. Rakhi, my friend from the show had clarified to Rannvijay that I meant no harm and I had apologised to Shweta too. If Shweta felt that I did something wrong, why didn’t she immediately inform Neha Dhupia or the crew members? Why did she wait for the cameras to roll? Shweta had a chat with one of the crew members and when she came back, she announced this on camera.When I fainted due to low blood pressure after I was accused of sexual harassment, Neha Dhupia and Rannvijay Singh were laughing. They stretched it for TRPs. The other Roadies standing there were puppets because all of them wanted the footage.”

Jibran told the portal that it was planned for TRP. He said that the show’s director Vikrant himself came to him and said, ‘Jibran you have given me the most entertaining footage till now’.

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“I tried calling makers of the show but got no response from their end. Infact, I asked for my agreement copy because I wanted to file a case against them. I have call recordings and screen shots to prove myself innocent.” Jibran Dar told

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