The most popular and loved search engine Google, always proved itself to be helpful whenever we are in need. It has given the correct information about anything that we search on it. But, something has happened on Google search engine due to which it had to receive some criticism of people on social media because of some technical failure.

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source link According to the Google, follow url do you know who is the worst Bollywood actor?

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binary option btc Well, you will be surprised to know the name of the actor. We bet you that you can’t even guess the name of the actor. Well, without raising any suspense, the name of the worst B-town actor is Race 3 star. Hope, you all are thinking about Bobby Deol or another star.

watch But, surprisingly, the answer is ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. Yes, as per the Google, Salman Khan is the worst actor in the film industry. Well, if you don’t believe in us then you can type the keyword ‘worst Bollywood actor’, the answer you will get is the name of Sultan actor.

bande di bollinger online After PM Modi, Salman Khan has become the latest victim due to the technical bug.
Well, it is really undigestable for the fans of ‘Bhaijaan’ that Google called him the worst actor. After this news came to light, the social media started the conversation over it.

opzioni binarie 2015 Earlier, the same thing had happened with the country PM Modi when Google called him India’s most stupid PM and also the first PM of the country as well.