Fairness creams created quite a stir last year in the bollywood industry. Actor http://caindiainfo.com/?q=pfizer-viagra-female Abhay Deol’s comment on the actor’s endorsing fairness creams became the talk of the town and later turned into one of the biggest controversies of the year 2017.

While many celebrities have taken the path in the past to promote fairness product, others have decided to stay away from it and the recent one who has decided to do the latter is source site Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant recently was offered a sum of 15 crores to promote a fairness cream which the actor happily turned down.

A source told Midday, viagra 10 mg come si USA “Sushant doesn’t believe in endorsing such products. So, despite it being a lucrative offer, he immediately turned it down. He feels that he needs to be responsible for the kind of products he lends his face too, as several people look up to him.”

The tabloid reported that the endorsement deal was for three years in which Rajput was required to shoot for six commercials. Talking about the same, Sushant said, “As responsible actors, it is our duty to not indulge in sending out incorrect messages. We should not, in any way, endorse or promote the ideology of preferring one skin tone over another.”

Apart from Sushant, even Kangana Ranaut had turned down the offer to promote a fairness cream.