The star cast of Race 3 recently appeared on the reality dance talent show Dance Deewane to promote their movie and during the episode an unusual thing happened.

Salman Khan asked a seven year old boy if he wants to hug Jacqueline Fernandez, to which the kid replied no, because he doesn’t feel like. Then Salman takes Jacqueline to the the stage and made him forcefully hug her, not once but twice. Jacqueline posted a video of this scene with the message, “Kids usually love me, this boy was an exception.. at least I got my hug in the end”.

What seemed like a harmless moment to Jacqueline and her celebrity friends, hasn’t gone down well with a few on social media. The all-important idea of consent and respecting the wish of the child to not be hugged have been highlighted via Twitter.

This whole scenario brings memories of the controversy involving Papon kissing a minor participant of a music show in February this year.