Helmed by Vishal Bharadwaj ‘Rangoon’ , which featured bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut,Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor released amidst high expectations,however,the film failed to impress audience as well as critics. Kangana Ranaut have finally opened up on the failure of the film and said that it was heartbreaking.

Talking to a leading tabloid,Kangana said, “ I felt Rangoon’s failure was targeted at me. Various people used that time of my life to direct their anger at me. I felt it was unnecessary that when I was dealing with a vulnerable phase in my career, they were hitting out at me. Rangoon was mounted on a humongous budget and publicised around my character. When something like that doesn’t work, you do feel like sh**.”

The ‘Queen’ actress further added,that last few minutes of Rangoon didn’t come together.

Kangana Ranaut have recently completed shooting of her upcoming film titled as ‘Simran’.

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