Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra‘s link-up rumours were doing the rounds for a long time. It has been said that Alia Bhatt and her rumoured boyfriend Sidharth parted ways because of Jacqueline. Now, Jacqueline has finally responded to the entire buzz.

The Judwaa 2 actress talked about her “relationship” with Sid and her equation with Alia. There were reports that Jacqueline had unfollowed Alia on Instagram, whereas, the truth was she never followed Alia on that social networking site.

“When these rumours started, initially, I was like, ‘Theek hai, it’s just a momentary thing and it will stop.’ But it really started irking me when they got to the point of saying I unfollowed Alia. Then these rumours about a fallout between me and Alia started. I know she is very understanding and will know where this is coming from,” Jacqueline told DNA.

“I picked up the phone and called her. I told Alia that I don’t care what people say or mean, or how they judge me. They can think anything about me. But I do care about what she thinks of me. I spoke to her about this whole unfollowing incident, which is in no way the truth. I follow over a thousand people. Alia and I have so much banter on Twitter and I didn’t even actually realise that I was not following her on Instagram. We are always having conversations on Twitter, so I was thinking, ‘Are people retarded? Don’t they see all that?’.” said Jacqueline

Jacqueline added: “Alia was really cute. She laughed and said, ‘Next time we meet, let’s click loads of selfies and put them up!’ (Laughs) We planned to take over Instagram like that. We had a good laugh over it. But honestly, I don’t like people coming between me and my co-stars.”

In the interview, Jacqueline also clarified that she was not dating Sidharth and she was tired of being linked to her co-stars as Jackie doesn’t see them that way.