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Here’s what International Critics have to say about Salman Khan’s Tubelight

international review of salman khan tubelight

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s much awaited film ‘Tubelight’ released yesterday (June 23) and while Salman has delivered a top notch performance, the film which also stars chinese actress Zhu Zhu has failed to impress quite a few people. The critics and the public have been giving mixed reviews about the film.

So to find out what International Critics have to say about the film, check out these few reviews from the overseas countries : The Guardian : In new release Tubelight, the charm offensive (of Salman Khan) stutters: with its pitifully glib pleas for peace, this 1960s-set mushfest makes Culture Club’s low-barring The War Song sound as though it was written by AJP Taylor. Some of this innocence could well do with getting lost. The sight of the now-fifty something Salman playing the teenage Laxman is unignorably ridiculous: with his tank top, slicked-down hair and worried grimaces, his flies forever undone by way of a vaguely disturbing running gag, the figure he most resembles is Ricky Gervais as Derek. Then again, Laxman’s entire journey feels both forced and familiar. Flickers of a more warming experience persist. Despite a tinkly incidental score shamelessly plundering Baby Face for its leitmotif, the songs are someway stronger than the dialogue; the late Om Puri adds clout as a village elder, and Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a nimble cameo as a travelling magician. Yet everyone’s deferring to a producer-star whose saviour complex looms heavy over every frame.
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Tubelight is one of those films that shamelessly attempt to emotionally manipulate viewers into being sentimental wrecks. An incredibly cute child to pull at your heartstrings, tonnes of melodrama and a Salman Khan who is at sob-risk, are some of the takeaways from the movie. Now, an ardent Salman fan may forgive director Kabir Khan for his unsubtle cues, but others may find its contrived nature grating. KHALEEJ TIMES : The best part about the movie was the bonding between Sohail and Salman. Kabir smartly paired up real-life brothers — who are extremely close to each other — on the screen. Their scenes together are so natural and refreshing that I hope to see them together in some road adventure movie. The movie has good intentions but hardly any plot. With the running time of 150 minutes, the movie stretches too much. I felt manipulated by the director in making me cry. Reuters – For all its insistence on faith, the film shows a surprising lack of it – it is all rehearsed, clumsily designed to tug at the heartstrings and endear us to its leading man. This “Tubelight” flickers erratically for a long time and then dies out.

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