mujer blanca soltera busca trailer There have been reports doing rounds in the media which states that enter site Ranveer Singh and site de rencontres Salman Khan will be seen together, for the first time, in Yash Raj Films’ single frauen in friesoythe Dhoom 4. However, according to a leading daily, Ranveer will not be part of the film. Another industry source says that the two actors have a history that prevents them from wanting to work together, apart from date issues. “ Ranveer and Salman Khan do not have a good rapport, to begin with. While Ranveer is a gregarious person, Salman is not too keen on working with him after the Sultan episode,” Deccan Chronicle quoted a source saying.

follow You may remember that when Ranveer Singh broke into a dance at a screening of Sultan in Paris, Salman commented, “Did he go to see the film or to dance? I want to break a chair on his head!” So it’s not surprising that the two don’t share a great rapport.

jeu 3d rencontre And while it’s clear that they will not be working together any time soon, it’s not clear if Salman will be a part of Dhoom 4, or someone else will play the lead.

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