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Urvashi Rautela is popular for her unique dressing and classy outfits. Although the ‘Great Grand Masti’ actress also gets brutally trolled for her choice kind of dresses. And once again Urvashi did an error and got brutally trolled.

Urvashi sported ‘extra-large’ golden dress at IIFA 2018. Well, her choice didn’t go well with her fans at green carpet appearance this time. The moment her pictures were published online, users started trolling her. There was nothing wrong with her dress and it’s completely her choice as to what she wants to wear.

But, trollers are ever ready to troll any celebrities with their dirty comments.

Here’s Urvashi Rautela’s pic:

Her dress isn’t that bad. Well, here are some of the brutal comments that came her way :

What do you think?

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