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Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ gets BOYCOTTED by China’s biggest Cinema

Bollywood Superstar Aamir Khan’s superhit film Dangal is set to release on 9000 screens in China today but according to latest reports China’s biggest multiplex chain Wanda Cinemas has refused to show film in most of its theatres and this have left fans angry and disappointed.

Fei Xiaochou, a cinema writer today posted an article on social media asking, try this out “Dangal suffering a boycott by Wanda?” He further stated in his article that Dangal is getting 37 screens only which is little more than 1 per cent of its total screens. The website of the multiplex stated that it has more than 1,657 screens.

The article further added that Wanda theatres only have three shows of the film in Beijing and no show is scheduled for tomorrow.

This has left all Aamir’s fans in the country disappointed. Movie buffs were outraged and expressed their anger on the website. Some stated that Wanda is being partial towards Indian films and other think that the reason is the rivalry with a marketing company Huayi.

Aamir’s last film PK earned huge amount at China’s box office. Nevertheless, Dangal is still the wildest release in the country and is expected to earn good amount.


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